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Why Certificates of Insurance Are Important

Whether for a home or a business, having adequate and comprehensive insurance coverage is important to protect and loss, fraud, and other hardships. This is especially true for businesses, where insurance can not only be a matter of protection but can be a requirement for other companies to even consider doing business with you. To […]

Certificates of Insurance and Corporate Compliance

Businesses often have different requirements than individuals when it comes to dealing with contractors. While everyone should make sure that their contractor carries appropriate insurance before ordering any work to be done, a business may request official verification in the form of a certificate of insurance. Certificate of insurance tracking companies can make this process […]

Consequences of the Improper Use of a Certificate of Insurance

Insurance can sometimes seem hopelessly confusing. Without a background in insurance, the jargon and phrasing aren’t always easy to understand. Professionals within the insurance industry are well aware that people have difficulty comprehending and navigating insurance, which is why many insurance agencies and brokerage firms have focused their efforts of clarifying the language and communicating […]

Legal Implications for Omission(s) on a Certificate of Insurance

Insurance is simply part of doing business. Whether you work locally, regionally, or globally, you know that insurance is essential for safeguarding your company. After all, even an otherwise healthy and well-managed business could go bankrupt with a single lawsuit. Protecting your company against such liabilities is key to maintaining your peace of mind and […]